I was contacted by Janelle, the site owner, to do a re-design of some work done from another provider. The layout was blocky and did not suit the clients taste. She wanted an easy on the eyes design that was modern and clean. She also wanted a resource area which was easy to access for her team members. This was already there, but needed some touching up.

I was able to use the design which was already purchased and upped the look to something she MUCH happier with. Needless to say, not only will people find out how to make their bodies more healthy, but they will also not have sore eyes anymore 😉 . Some elements involved:

  • The logo was altered to include the organization name
  • Team resource area which is restricted and accessible via a customized login window
  • CSS styling for the login area
  • Small CSS overrides to adjust elements of the layout
  • Help with color theme and picking the palette to use
  • Content styling/layout help

Link: PureWellnessNation

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